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Magnesium and NDT

Hi Everyone,

Am trying to cover all my bases at the moment so have decided to chuck some magnesium into the mix. I have bought some Natural Calm to drink -the plan was to take it in the evening as I gather it makes you sleepy. Does anyone know if it affects NDT uptake -currently on Erfa Thyroid. I do have a problem if so as I take some Erfa before I go to just wondering if I should take it early evening when I am well away from any thyroid meds...... Alternatively I have a spray recipe for a mix of magnesium to spray on to the skin that I plan to do as I gather that is an effective cheap way to boost your magnesium levels.......and would be a neat way of avoiding any potential interference. Any advice much appreciated! :) Thanks

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Wavey, its usually advised to leave two hours between ingesting thyroid meds and supplements. Mag spray and baths should be fine though.


I think if you use the spray mag on your skin it wont affect your thyroid meds.


Thanks Shaws and Clutter :) will take it early eve and then once i am up and running will start using the spray.


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