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What to make of my test results?

Hello there,

I am 33 and trying to get pregnant with my first baby. I was told after initial tests that my thyroid was low. This wasn't a big surprise as my sister and grandmother both have hashitmotos.

However, I just got my hands on my results and to my surprise my TSH was normal (2.6 and 1.96 from last two tests).

My other results was:

T3 total: 1.16

T3 free: 3.6

T4 total:66.6

T4 free: 8.49

I'm being referred to an endo, but just wondering if anyone had any insights into what this might mean.

In addition, I have very low progesterone and am wondering if they are connected.

Thank you.

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Jenzaz, Can you ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your results as lab ref ranges vary widely. Your FT3 and FT4 look very low to me.

NICE guidelines recommend that TSH should be in the low range 0.4-2.0 and FT4 in the upper reference range in women trying to conceive or newly pregnant and they should be started on Levothyroxine while awaiting referral.

There is useful information on pregnancy in hyperthyroid women on Scroll down for a list of topics.


It sounds as though you have secondary (or central) hypothyroidism (normal TSH but low T4 and T3) , or maybe hypopituitarism (where your pituitary isn't sending out the right signals to your thyroid and maybe other hormone-producing areas of your body). An Endo who knows what they are doing should be able to help, but I hope you find a really good one. Good luck!


thanks a lot both of you for your replies.

I just got an appointment with an endo for next month which is good. I'm hoping it's a good one - how to know?!

In addition my progesterone levels are very low - is this a common side effect of hypothyroidism?


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