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inflammed thyroid causing pain? or nodule causing pain?

I had my secind checkup today with more blood drawn and a FNA scheduled per my request and piece of mind (nodules approaching 9mm). I have been having a quick sharp shooting pain down my neck that goes to the top of my breast. I do know that my nodules are located on that side, would an inflammed thyroid be causeing this? My doctor seemed to think so today when i told him about it. Hopefully he'll increase my dose again, been feeling pretty awful lately.

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I had a multinodular goitre, and found that I was getting shooting pains under my collar bone. A scan showed that that was where my biggest nodule had gone.

My thyroid was removed because my mother had thyroid cancer, and there was a concern that my nodules might turn cancerous. Fortunately, they were benign.

The only advice that I can give is to keep your thyroid as long as you can. It's very hard to feel well when you are reliant solely on medication.

Take care. Xx


Michelle, if you post your recent thyroid results with lab ref ranges we'll advise if you appear to be under medicated. Optimal medication probably won't help reduce inflammation caused by the nodule but will address your other symptoms.


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