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When do you feel the most tired?

For me, it seems to be from 2 pm onwards - sometimes a bit earlier but not usually. My mornings are the best. Even if I sleep for 20 mins (no longer or I'll feel 'hung-over'), I still feel utterly blah for hours afterwards. Hoping my NDT will kick in soon, gets frustrating not being able to do much every afternoon, esp when the weather is so lovely outside!

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After 3:30 when the kids have gone home. Once I get home and sit down, that's it for the day! I've just tried increasing my lunchtime dose today to see if that will help. Hasn't so far, lol. I'm sitting on the sofa as we speak, trying to work up the energy to go to karate! I'd rather go to sleep :D

Carolyn x


When hypo, mornings; when hyper, evenings; on divided dose it varies!


It's so sad isn't it. Just off for a post 2pm nap. The forgotten ones .Best wishes to you.


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