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Some interesting recent articles about Thyroid Cancer

So much seems to be changing at the minute with regards to Thyroid Cancer treatment and Interpretation. Here's some interesting ones:

This ones about Total Thyroidectomy and low risk cases (free to join and then to read this)

This is about reinterpreting encapsulated Papilliary and Follicular Variant Cancer as borderline malignancies.

An excellent video about Thyroid Cancer and reinterpretation by one of the American Thyroid Association members:

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Wysewoman, thanks for posting the links. My FNA was inconclusive. Histology was positive for St.2 Hurthle cell carcinoma. If the FNA can't determine whether cells are benign or cancerous how can it be determined whether cancers are papillary, follicular, tall cell or Hurthle? I'd like to see FNA accuracy improved before small papillary cancers are redesignated.

I hope you're feeling well and recovering.


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