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advice on sending bloods back to genova and adrenal/melotonin test

I'm having my RT3 test done on wednesday with other TFTs (that the doc happily does). But wanted to know what do I do after the blood is taken and I have the vacutainer in my hand? I'm in Ireland and have to Fed Ex it over. how long do I have til it goes bad? Do I keep it in the fridge until the driver comes to collect or do I try to get a pick up as soon as possible? Very worried something will go wrong!

Also have adrenal/melotonin to do. I've done adrenal has anyone done melotonin?how low level should the light be would the light on m phone be ok?

Thanks guys hope you are all enjoying the weather!

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When I did a saliva test from Genova I got detailed instructions with the kit on what to do with the samples on collection and also about sending them back. I would imagine blood is similar, freezing then guaranteed swift delivery. I would ring Genova and ask them.


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