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Afraid to try for baby

I'm thinking of trying for my second baby but I'm absolutely terrified of having a miscarriage. I'm trying to do as much reading as possible before we start trying but it's so worrying. I'm afraid I'll have misunderstood something or I'll do something wrong and then lose the baby.

I was diagnosed as being hypothyroid after I gave birth to my son in 2013 and I'm on 100mg Levithyroxine. I've just come off the pill as we've been talking a lot about trying for another but I'm so worried about losing the baby as I feel as though it will be my fault for not managing my thyroid correctly. The drs are so rubbish I feel it's up to me to understand all of this information but I'm scared in case I get something wrong.

I've got the nice recommendations saved and am ready to go into my Drs to talk to them about getting my levels tested, but if anyone can give me some reassurance I'd be very gratefull

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Laura, it is undiagnosed and therefore unmedicated hypothyroidism which can cause miscarriage. Make sure your GP is aware you are planning a pregnancy and will increase your Levothyroxine by 50mcg as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed and monitors your bloods every 4 weeks. You can refer your GP to the NICE recommendation if you don't think GP is on the ball and ask for referral to a specialist to monitor you during your pregnancy.

You may find useful information on by scrolling down for topics on hypothyroid women and pregnancy.


A friend of mine had 2 babies after bejng diagnosed as hypoT, but taking thyroxine (so not untreated). She carried both to full term and delivered without complications.

Definitely speak to your doctor about your concerns. I believe progesterone may also play a roll in preventing miscarriage so it might be worth asking about that. If the doctor chooses to test you for progesterone levels it should be done on day 21 of your cycle (with day 1 being first day of period). Sometimes GPs do not do sex hormone tests on the right cycle days (speaking from experience ;o)), which then makes the results hard or impossible to interpret correctly.


Hi Laura CP,

what makes you so 'worried'? have you or anyone close to you had a negative experience in the past? or a scare?

Looking at a way to ease your anxieties will certainly help, often just talking to a nice, friendly listening person can help a huge deal. Feeling listened to and taken seriously can really help. Where are you located? north/south/London?

For the talking bit above if you can't think of anyone I could point you to somewhere.

As for the hypothyroidism itself, yes untreated and 'badly' managed hypothyroidism can increase your risk of miscarriage, but also many other things can, so many things that every woman out there would have a reason to 'worry'.

For you to begin with it would probably be best to explain to your GP how 'worried' you are that you want to conceive in a 'healthiest' status as possible, so ask for some 'pre-conception' screening. Among these there should be:

- Folate levels

- vitamin B12

- vitamin D

- Iron levels


- ferritin


- fT4 (free-thyroxine)

- liver function

- kidney function (U&Es)

- bone profile (this will include calcium)

the above 'package' is one that any NHS GP can order and it is a good starting point.

of course discuss your own and family history as there may be more tests which would be suitable/recommended to your situation.



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