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Supplementing with Vit B12/Folate - how long before I feel better?


Hi, I have Hashi's .Lab results showed vit b12 was 353, and folate 6.6 - also noted MCV is 92. Researched forum, and found that these results suggest I am deficient in both. Started with Ferratin 400, and B12 5,000 ( the one that forum members recommend that is is best absorbed sublingually), and now take my Levo ot night, and those supplements ( along with 500 Krill oil and Vit D ) in the morning. I have also cut wheat out. Although I am starting to feel better, I wondered how long it takes for these changes to really make a difference? I have been supplementing for about a month now.Thanks

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It took about 6 weeks before I felt any benefit supplementing deficient vitD with loading dose and 2,000iu daily, folate 5mg folic acid and low B12 with 1000mcg sublinguals. Ferritin was high so I didn't supplement.

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