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Feeling rubbish!!

Under active for 7 yrs now.Don't know where to start!! Feel like crap, going back to docs for blood results Mon. Keep getting these waves of fatigue, have to nap, can be up to 3 hrs + then feel all jittery and really out of it when I wake up. Struggling to stay awake during work, major pains in legs and joints. Is this all down to Thyroid or could it be something like Fibro? I can't keep living like this what with working full time, 2 kids, don't seem to have much quality at the mo but then after a while, all this goes and I'm okay tired wise. I don't really understand the blood readings, I do remember that a normal reading is between 10-25 and my reading about year ago was 14, isn't that on the low side? On Thyroxine 125mg, doc tells me she can't keep increasing cos it could sent me other way and cause me heart probs, so will be interesting to see what Mon brings. Sorry for the moan lol

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I suspect the true cause of your problems will be low Ferritin or folate or B12

without all of them being optimal not just "nhs normal/in range "You cannot utilise correctly the levothyroxine

Go back and insist on tests for

Free T4






and get the results plus the reference ranges

If your Free T4 is only 14 its LOW

your TSH should be below 1 and your free t4 in the UPPER quadrant of its range so more like 19

your Ferritin must be over 70

your folate must be halfway in its range as should B12 be

Many many women are on 175mcg or even 200mcg of Levo and they are not hyperthyroid /overactive so your GP is erring way too low

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Agree with everything Reallyfedup has said. I think you're almost certainly under medicated. 125mcg is not a huge dose. As a guide, I think a full replacement dose is considered to be 1.6mcg per kilo body weight - but many need more because of absorption issues. Don't let them fob you off with fibro just yet. If you can, when you get bloods done, post them here with ranges.


Thanks for the advice.


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