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Enlarged thyroid? Can it occur in patients who are hypo and taking T3, NDT, Levo?

A friend of mine asked me this question yesterday and I did not have an answer that I was 100 percent sure was correct. As I understand, a large thyroid gland is caused by either Graves or Hashimoto's when the thyroid gland hypertrophies in order to attempt to or make more hormone. Am I off on this? I am sure it is not as black and white but can one develop an enlarged thyroid when on medication if they are simply just hypo?

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Yes, especially when they are undermedicated. Glands can become enlarged or inflamed due to reasons other than autoimmune attack eg nodules and cysts.


Is there a test to determine is one has the genetic condition of hormone resistance? Either way, I suppose that the treatment remains the same....very large amounts of thyroid hormone.


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