Rhinitis ... does any one suffer with this? I dont want to take steriod nose spray but salt solution doesnt work been blocked now for over 6

Months but over time since my thyroid 'broke'. Anyone found any cures as im sure in connected to my hashimotos/hypothyroidism (if nhs website says it can be caused by this) but how to unblock . My last t4 was 18 range 12-22 and t3 was 4.5 (3.5-6). Thanks

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Yes, I'm afraid if had this for as long as my hypo symptoms. Went to see ENT surgeon last week who said in addition to saline irrigation, the steroid spray is non-negotiable if I want to get better, and if there is some improvement in the next two weeks using Avymist twice a day, and it Otravine at night then the'll do the surgery where they burn away the inflamed bits to widen the breathing tubes again. I'm being tested for allergies too as mine is worse at night which is a sign of an allergy apparently. It's definitely come on with the hypo though, the dry mouth at night and first thing is agony. You may need to give the steroids a go, as the saline is designed to gently cleanse rather than unblock x

I have been suffering from this for a few months now too, although diagnosed 2 years ago. Strange isn't it - I started to think it was a milk / dairy allergy but stopping that for 2 weeks has made no difference. I then thought perhaps it was hay fever - it started March so unlikely but I will have to wait and see - mine is more an irritation than a real problem but that disgusting yukky taste/small - especially first thing in the morning - is vile - and my nose is so bunged up at times. Roll on winter??

Hayfever can most definitely start in march, mine does, i was tested as a child and unfortunately have allergies to all tree and grass pollens my hayfever season lasts from march to october and i start my antihistamines in February. Try a antihistamine if it doesn't work then its probably not hayfever (give it a week on antihistamines though so the inflammation can die down a bit).

Other than that the steroid nose sprays work a treat and are at least local acting and wont affect the rest of the body, they are not instant acting though

My OH found that Beconase really helped (steroid spray). We even have a working theory that the tiny amount of steroid in the spray helped raise her cortisol levels a tad (she felt a lot better, in other words, though that may just have been the improvement in the ability to breathe and sleep :))

Why do you feel a steroid spray isn't for you? Just curious (all right, plain nosy :D)

I find the nasonex makes my nose really dry and gives me headaches. X

Been suffering with this the last two years and I'm hypothyroid. Went to ENT and was also put on avamys twice a day, had it been on it once a day with antihistamine tablet. This helped a bit. Could not bear the nasal rinse though, found it so uncomfortable. The next option was a new spray which combines a steroid and antihistamine. This has been amazing. I can smell again and don't have the pressure headaches. I was tested for allergies and was hugely allergic to house dust mites so that will be an ongoing issue. I'm not keen on taking steroids long term though so don't know what I can do next bit some temporary relief is most welcome.

Great tip from a fellow dust mite sufferer, get a steam cleaner and use it to steam your soft furnishings will kill the little blighters, also at least daily vacuuming and minimal carpets ( we only have carpets on our stairs) will greatly help your allergy.

I was actually diagnosed with non allergic rhinitis . X

I have this and went down the road of steroid sprays which do not work for me at all and I think steroids are best avoided. I've managed it through food intake/avoidance. I personally think food intolerance is the cause if it's not pollen/obvious allergic rhinitis. It's tedious but I write down a food diary and my mood etx anyway so adding a note on if my nose if blocked/runny helps. So far dairy, green tea and chocolate amongst other random things flare the rhinitis up. ENTs will always tend give steroid spray without looking for cause- I saw 3 of them. Hope this helpsx

Hi had chronic rhinitis for many, many years it was found to be grass that was my trigger, as a consequence have used nasal sprays for years. I stopped using it a few months ago (Beconase), as I found my sense of smell was becoming very poor. I am at the ENT this week, I mentioned to the consultant about my sense of smell and he just shrugged his shoulders. Could it be long term use of steroid nasal sprays? I did have a nasal polyps removed a couple of years ago, it was found to be the type that can turn cancerous, so monitored every six months. Maybe a visit to health shop, I don't know, but has my sense of smell have anything to do with long term use of nasal sprays. Good luck in your quest.

Do you eat milk or milk products? I found that a lot of my rhinitis cleared up by going dairy-free. But you have to be strict! Avoiding gluten also helps.

I have had M.E. for 19 years and recently diagnosed under-active thyroid but I've had chronic rhinits for about 3 years now. I take FSC Phytonutrient Quercetin (anit-oxidant bioflavinoid) from the health shop, 1 tab before breakfast every day and it keeps the rhinitis in check. Have also tried eliminating foods to no avail. Dont want to use drugs! Have Weleda Rhinodoron nasal spray with aloe vera and also use A. Vogel Plantago drops when it gets bad.

I have had severe allergic rhinitis for decades. Among my arsenal of medications are pseudoephedrine/pseudoepinephrine (decongestant), oral antihistamines, oxymetazole nasal spray (ONLY ONCE DAILY, at night; using it more often WILL cause severe rebound congestion leading to addiction!), montelukast (prescription; leukotriene blocker) and aspirin (anti-inflammatory). I have also used the following types of nasal sprays: antihistamine, steroid (various brands) and cromolyn sodium. A saline nasal rinse (I use a ceramic neti pot and 1/2 tsp fine Kosher salt in 1 cup of distilled water) before using the nasal sprays clears some of the mucus and irritant/allergen particles from my sinuses. All the meds help somewhat, none of them very much alone; I rely on their additive effect. I live in the US; not all of these drugs may be available in the UK.

A caution about steroid sprays: they are associated with cataracts and glaucoma, so you must have regular eye exams while taking them. For most people they are highly effective, though.

Went through the saline, antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays, surgery and it is still blocked. I am just having to live with it. I would love to just be able to breathe.

Hi, I am hyperthyroid and have had the same problem with non-allergic rhinitus since my thyroid 'broke' 6 years ago. I've not found a solution, but hope someone here comes up with something that may help both of us as having a stuffy nose is horrible to live with.

hi I have been diagnosed with Chronic Rhinitis for many years now..been to see ENT specialists they haven't said what causes it and none of the sprays I've been given work.. just wondering if anyone can recommend any other treatments that they find that work.. as I suffer worse first thing in the morning and last thing at night have used my nasal spray 3 times already this morning

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