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Just seen this thread on Facebook - ATOS

Hi my fellow Fibro Warriors, I was browsing through Facebook, as you do, and i came across this article about ATOS and its "failings".

So what happens now, are ATOS still doing the reviews or has it been handed over to another company? I am due to have a meeting of sorts next Friday and i am already nervous about the whole thing.

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The contract between the DWP and Atos was first awarded in 1998. They've been together ever since. In February this year Atos confirmed that it was seeking an early exit from its contract because of staff receiving death threats. It was reported that a new company would be appointed in early 2015 and that Atos was due to finish in August 2015. Good luck for next week.


Thank you sazzyb xx


I believe Capitol ( might be spelt wrong!) are now doing the assessments but that they are not achieving the service that they promised.


What do you mean? Surely there are enough professional doctors out there who can carry out a correct procedures/assessment and inform the DWP correctly


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