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Roughly how long does it take to increase iron levels via supplementation?

I know it might be a difficult one to answer for certain, and I won't know for sure unless I get my levels checked again, but a rough guide would be useful. My ferritin was 69 (13 - 150) so trying to increase it beyond 80, hoping it will help towards my thinning hair issue. I'm taking 20mg per day, with effervescent vitamin C. I usually take it with food, which I think affects absorption?

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It can apparently take several months, obviously depending on how low your levels are and how much you are supplementing, but you don't have much to shoot for so perhaps not too long.

Biotin and evening primrose oil are also recommended for hair loss/thinning hair.

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Thanks ever so much Clutter x



When I was taking 50mg iron, twice a day, my ferritin level went up (on average) 1.25 units per month when I took it with food and 8.75 units a month when I took it an hour before meals.

Before I started supplementing my ferritin level was 18. When it got to 55 I noticed a difference in how I felt, but there was no further improvement in how I felt when it got to 80.

Obviously the rate at which your ferriting level increases could be totally different to mine, even if we were taking the same amont of iron.


I have read, and followed the advice, that 210mg Ferrous Fumarate/Sulphate tablets a day are one of the best ways of increasing iron, taken with 500 - 1000mg Vitamin C. I think they said it took approx 2 - 3 months for levels to increase substantially. Form postings on another forum/website but can't find now.

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