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reply from PALS

hi i received a reply from my email to PALS for them to say that they will forward me a copy of blood test results conducted by my gp which my endo has still not posted to me. this is now redundant information as my practice printed me off the results with no questions asked and with no charge. i may also get offered a place with a different endo, too, as the one i have been seeing did not discuss my antibody readings at the appointment but keenly discussed them in her reply to my email to her.

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Why didn't you ask your GP for the results in the first place, Azura? Endos seem to be a law unto themselves. My GP gets very little in the post consult review letter, just what meds to keep prescribing and notification of any tests endo will do or wants the GP to do.


i didn't know what the gp's policy was in requesting the results, so i didn't know if i could get them for free or simply just by asking them.


i also thought the endo would post them as she offered to post them to me. when the results had all come back and a week had gone by it was then that i thought i am not waiting anymore and asked the gp myself.


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