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NHS endo appt tomorrow - any advice/tips ?

Hi all, i posted some time ago after seeing my gp with hypo symptoms. she requested a blood test which showed...

TSH- 0.79, FT3- 4.2 (3.1-6.8) FT4- 11.8 (12-22).

She was a little undecided as she didn't think my results were abnormal but finally referred me to an NHS endo !! I have no idea what to expect, how should I prepare ? Has anyone else seen an NHS endo with simular results to mine, ie, low normal tsh and below normal Ft4 ??

I'd be very grateful for any advice !

Many thanks in advance x

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I would suggest the low TSH is out of whack with the low t3 and low t4 and if you do not feel well then i would suspect 2ndary /Central hypothyroid as opposed the usual Primary Hypothyroid which is likely all your GP is thinking about



Low TSH, low FT4 and low FT3 may indicate hypopituitarism ie your thyroid gland may be fine but your pituitary gland is underactive and isn't prompting the thyroid to produce sufficient hormone.

You don't need to prepare but a bullet point list of symptoms and when you first became aware of them may be helpful.


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