Update on previous question -Asked for test result print outs

I posted earlier this week asking for some advice and have now seen the GP and got a print out of my last test results. The only test I have had is TSH. This came back as 3.03 (range 0.6-4.2). I queried having T3/T4 tested and the doctor basically said he requested a thyroid function test and the lab select which tests need to be done based on the TSH. I said that I had seen information suggesting that TSH tests alone were not sufficient, and he said that they go by what medical school teaches, and that the Internet is full of all sorts. SO. First question, is this TSH level acceptable? All my symptoms say hypothyroid, so I think I should still push to see an Endo? Thanks :-)

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  • It is too high, yes, and would be treated in the States & elsewhere. But you are unlikely to get a different story from an endo to be honest.

  • After this amount of time arguing with them about it I'm not going to bow out now. This forum has been brilliant, there is so much useful info here I think it's the pick me up I needed to keep pushing them. I'm seeing another specialist next week who is very supportive and has previously suggested me seeing an Endo. He will do the referral where my GP won't so it can't hurt to see what happens I guess. At the very least I want a full blood panel done.

  • PS if you reply to a comment, the person wont know as they wont be emailed and you may need another response.

  • That's the problem with the testing for thyroid gland problems. If our TSH falls within the normal range they usually don't do any others. GP wont refer you to Endocrinologist as he would probably say the same.

    I would suggest you get a private blood test, details here:-


    Usually you get a small discount if you quote Thyroiduk. If you cursor down on the left hand side of the above link and go to Getting a Diagnosis it may be helpful. Also look at 'About the Thyroid' and you can look at signs and symptoms print off a copy and tick what applies to you.

    They do not take into account of the clinical symptoms as they are not aware of them

  • Thanks for the extra info. The problem I have with private testing is that I live in the Channel Islands. So though we are technically UK/GB we don't fall under the NHS and don't have access to mainland private services. It is technically all private here, we pay for all GP appointments and blood tests. Unfortunately this leaves me with a limited number of options :-s

  • Is it worth ringing (or emailing) Paul at Blue Horizon to check? Their home blood testing kits only need a finger prick to take blood (so all DIY) and are done by post. It might not be impossible...

  • I didnt know you could do it that way LilyMay, that's definitely worth looking into. If they will accept kits by post I could probably sort something as I work with nurses. I will send them an email. Thank you! :-)

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