Hubby wants 'basic facts and info' written down so he can help me at my endo appointment. Any help/suggestions!!??

Hubby will be coming with me to my first endo appointment on Tuesday, but he needs to know some basic info so he can help me if the needs arise.

I have decided to not beat about the bush, and ask outright for NDT (I know.....). If he won't prescribe, then I might ask if he'll support me if I buy it myself. I'm thinking this won't go down well so might need to fight my corner, or at least be assertive - and that's where I'm going to struggle. This is where hubby will come into it lol

Does anybody have any suggestions on what would be useful for hubby to know, and info to take into the appointment that will help my quest for natural desiccated thyroid? I don't know where to start - my brain already struggles at the best of times!!! :(

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