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Please read, need advice

Endo incresed meds on 100 now, taking these vitamins

2000 vit d3

3000 vit c

Zinc calcium

Wellman multi vit

Tsh 3.21. (0.27 - 4.2

Free t4. 14.4. (12-22)

Free t3. 4.3. (3.9-6.7

Total vit d. 101. (76-150

B12. 627. (180-900)

Serum folate. 10.0. ( 4.6-20)

Serum ferritin. 119. (22-322

Still getting bad head aches and stiff neck very painfull, clicking and grinding noise...also feel like breath is very hot ... Kinda feels like flu comes and goes...... Could this be to dosage change...

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Shame the endo does not recognise ferritin is still too low

the flu like feeling could well be the antibody attacks of hashimotos


Hi Maff08

I assume your blood tests are from before your levo was increased, so it will take about six weeks till you get your next blood test which, hopefully, will show a much lower TSH.

As well as the supplements Endo has suggested, these are some more which are helpful especially Vitamin E as this helps all glands, not just thyroid. Your supplements should be taken 4 hours apart from levo, except for calcium and iron, which I would leave a much longer gap (maybe 12 hours) as iron can bind with levo.

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I take levo around 5.30 in morning & vitamins after dinner around 8 ish.... Not been told what type of thyroid issue i have.


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