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World Thyroid Day - 25th May 2014

World Thyroid Day - 25th May 2014

Sunday 25th May 2014 - World Thyroid Day

With varying degrees of commitment and fanfare, this truly looks to be a world event:







Not sure how much benefit there is, but at least it does help to raise the profile (to use the hackneyed expression). :-)


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Thanks Rod

Can I add one.. :)

Check out this initiative in Scandinavia for World Thyroid Day on Sunday May 25th!


Just a quick note to say that Thyroid UK has Thyroid Awareness Week in Oct and this is where we concentrate our focus. :)

[Edited to include a clickable link. The original is an https:// link which does not convert properly when posted.]


If you want to have a real awareness of what works, how to actually HEAL, without the b.s. or fanfare, please sign up for the FREE Thyroid Summit which is presented by Dr. David Brownstein (who wrote many great books on healing thyroid issues) and Dr. Suzy Cohen (holistic pharmacist) and here my friends is the link: thethyroidsummit.com/ Remember it is FREE and I listened to the last one with Sean Croxten and I learned so much! Please, stop suffering because stupid and arrogant Doctors will not prescribe anything but T4 which for MOST of us, does not work! Learn what you need to get well...it is easy and all you have to do is sign up! I did.


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