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Any ideas please

Months ago started having palpitations, hot sweats, anxiety and panic attacks.. Bloods showed TSH low end of range and t4 high end of range. reduced thyroid meds from 100 to 75

Lates bloods are as follows

TSh 0.36 range 0.40-5.00

T4 19.5 range 9.0-19.03.

The out of ranges are not really what concerns me its the on going symptoms such as the palpitations and sweats.

Equally i dont really understand why my tsh is dipping when i have reduced meds.

Iv also been taking 6000 units of vit D daily and still only 37.9.

normal range from 20.

Anyone with any thoughts on this please....



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Hi Several things spring to mind. The most important thyroid test, especially for this is the Free T3, if GP no longer allowed to do this, use Blue Horizon, finger prick test.If FT3 out of range, high or low it can cause this sort of problem.It is n o good taking vit D without a calcium check, should be under an Endo really. before starting it ( script) you also need a test for calcium if calcium below range then you need that too to absorb the D ( NICE) if very high in range, the D will push the calcium over range, very dangerous as an electrolyte. In that case you can no longer take D, my calcium is dangerous, so now vit D 20, Osteomalacia, no alternative. You need to start D slowly with re tests on that and calcium 3 months etc until OK , then sometimes retest both.

As regards the other symptoms. Thyroid disease, treated or untreated can bring in the onset of Atrial Fibrillation ( A.F)To diagnose this take BP and heart rate, pulse, manually by hand 3 times a day, ( not with thumb)must including when "Odd", do this for 2 weeks, if H.R ( Heart rate) uneven at times very obvious. Then ask for a 24 hour or better 7 day monitor from the GP. If anything shows referral to an electrical cardio. This is very common not too serious but needs treating to avoid strokes.Sometimes it is a temporary problem due to the meds but essential to be checked out.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie,

Had a 72 hour heart monitor test done and waiting for results.

Endo advised on Vid D supplements and calcium was fine.

T3 not done this time but previously it was outside of top end of range.

Got gp appointment next week to discuss my options,maybe a reduction in meds will help.



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