Thyroid result ok ? Vit D or Vit D3?

I had my 3 month check on my Thyroid and the receptionist says its come back ok now.The reading says serum TSH (XaELV)...........3.3 MUI/L (0.3-5.0) So am i right this reading has come back around the mid scale and as told....ok and what do i do now,do i go back to be checked again in 3 months as i wasn't told? also i was told a few months ago i needed Vit D,the pharmacist recommended Vit D3.I have just ran out and been to a different pharmacist as the one i use didn't have any and they have given me Vit D although i asked for D3 and didn't notice til i got home.Is Vit D ok or do i need the Vit D3?

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  • It should say on the bottle whether you have vitD3 or vitD2 but you can check with the pharmacist if it isn't clear. I doubt that your vitD will be tested again within 6 months unless your GP thinks you have absorption issues or unable to hang on to your store of vitD. This time of year through to October should increase your vitD if you are able to get outside a few hours a week on. Supplementation will be needed through the winter.

  • It doesn't say on the bottle but yes i have to go back for a test after 6 months.Is the Serum reading ok for my Thyroid as they said it is?

  • If you are already taking Levothyroxine then a TSH reading of 3.3 is high, your doctor should be aiming for about 1. Mid range on 0.3 to 5 would be 2.65 so you are above mid range. If you are experiencing hypo symptoms then you should ask your doctor whether you can try a small increase in medication.

  • Thank you eeng,that is what i was thinking and hoping for.

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