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Today at 3:14 PM

Hi, I'm new to this... I've just had surgery to remove my right thyroid a week ago now, I've been given levopthorxine 50mg

Aged 39, 4yrs 6months remission of breast cancer... Now dealing with thyroid issues.

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I know how you feel and I really feel for you. I was diagnosed hypo. three and half years ago.

I had breast cancer 20 years ago when I was 39 so you were younger than me when you had to deal with it.

I do not know anything about having the thyroid removed but more knowledgeable members will come along to offer advice.

When you have your blood tests done always get a copy of the results with the ranges and post them on here so people can comment on them. You also need you Iron Ferritin

Folate Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D tested as these need to be optimal for your levothyroxine to work properly.

Sorry can't be more help just wanted you to know I am thinking of you.

Best wishes browny