This fatigue is crippling me, I am unable to go to the shops or do anything normal. help me?!

I suffer from hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, I am currently taking 3 grain of ndt and and an adrenal supplement called nutri adrenals. My thyroid levels are low normal. my tsh is 0.05 and my t4 12. 4 I still dont know my t3 results as i dont have them. I dont have the money to go private as i am on benefits. I struggle to eat at set times as I am sleeping over 17 hours a day and its really hellish and i also experience lack of appetite too....i am unable to go out and about even as much as going to the local shops to buy food and stuff, i suffer from bipolar which is also linked with my hypothyroidism condition and i have got myself off the anti psychotic injection as i felt it was causing more problems with my thyroid condition. now that i am off it i am going awol, the mood swings are back and my raging aggressive temper is back, I am scatter brained and very chaotic. some one help me....what causes fatigue besides thyroid and adrenal issues? i want my life back, i want my health back to normal.

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  • I am so sorry that you are feeling so wretched. it must be so difficult dealing with so much. Your FT4 looks low so it would follow that your FT3 will also be the T4 has to change into the ACTIVE hormone T3. The T3 is needed in every cell in your body and there are more receptors for T3 in your brain than anywhere else. So if your levels are low there will not be enough T3 for every cell in your brain and hence things run down and go wrong. There is lots of information out there about depression and Low T3. Many years ago T3 was used for depression which was stopped as people noticed weight loss and then took more which resulted in palpitations.

    I also wonder about your vitamins and minerals. Have they been tested ? B12 - Iron - Folate - VitD - Ferritin. All these tests need to be HIGH in their ranges.

    Am going away in the early hours of the morning - so will not be in touch with e-mails etc.

    Hope this is helpful and that you soon feel stronger........

  • Yes, if Adrenals are struggling you're probably low in those vits and mins which Marz lists above too. Will your doc test that sort of thing? Can you get an appt quickly? If not suggest get a pot of good quality multi-vitamins and get started. It can make an amazing difference and it won't do you any harm if (unlikely) it's unnecessary. Hope you feel better real soon - horrid for you.

  • As Marz said, your FT4 is low which means it will be struggling to convert to FT3. Adding T3 would probably help with your hypoT and bipolar symptoms.

    My long term anti-depressant managed bipolar kicked off big time shortly before my ThyCa & Hashimoto's diagnosis 3 years ago. I felt poisoned on Levothyroxine and was almost bedridden and suicidal until I started to self medicate with T3 in addition to T4. I'm now recovering and stopped taking 200mcg Sertraline in November (I have had long periods of remission in the past). I think the additional T3 meets my brain's needs (brain being a hungry T3 feeder) and leaves sufficient to address my body's needs too, so that pain, tremors and fatigue went.

    My vitD and folate were deficient and B12 low. Correcting these took 8 weeks and made an enormous difference to my physical and mental well being. I still supplement to maintain levels. Low vitD, iron and B12 can cause low mood, joint pain, muscle weakness and fatigue and are common in hypothyroid patients. You should ask your GP or psychiatrist to test for them in addition to discussing whether T3 would be beneficial. PM me for a source of T3 if you are self medicating with NDT and not via GP.

  • I'm vit b12 deficient (on injections and self inject weekly), vit d deficient (on 10,000 iu), low iron so on tablets for that. My cortisol is low (195nmol, but still in range where they won't treat) I feel that things are getting overlooked or ignored. I've asked for T3 as I mentioned to dr that it's linked to depression. Dr won't test and told me there were a lot of things that caused depression. I really want to know if my T3 is my problem. It's so frustrating. I've been on and off antidepressants since 2002. I don't want to be on them anymore as it numbs me in every aspect of my life but doesn't really solve my problem. My dr threw a script for sertraline at me last week along with a piece of paper of counselling people to contact. She was very rude and not willing to listen to me. Apparently she was running late and I only had 10 mins. I'd also been going through a tough time with hubby and was very low. I've put on so much weight since my mum died in 2012 and feel unattractive, ugly, fat and useless. I'm constantly tired and can't keep my eyes open after 9pm. Told her I didn't want to live if going to spend the rest of my life fat. She was not helpful as I d said above. Told me weight management would not help me unless my BMI was over 40!

  • You don't mention folate, do you take any? Weekly b12 injections are going to put a high demand on folate levels, and low folate is linked to depression and anxiety.

  • I take a jarrows b complex too.

  • There's only 400mcg in that, which isn't enough to support frequent injections. Do you inject hydroxo or methyl? I would suggest 3 to 5mg folic acid for a month or so, see if you feel better. If you do then find a maintenance dose that suits you. H&B do an 800mcg strength, so you could take 4 to 6 of those a day, or you can get 5mg on amazon. If you'd rather take methyl folate then prob only need 800 to 1000mcg, Solgar do one. But not everyone can tolerate it and vice versa, it's trial and error as to which one suits. There's a good PA Facebook group if you're interested:

  • I'm in a good FB group, might be this one. I inject hydrox

  • Might be that you would do better on methylB12 jabs, some people do. But I would try upping the folic acid or folate first. I inject hydroxoB12 twice a week (split ampoule in half and do 2 consecutive days, then 2 days off and repeat), and take 5mg folic acid 4 times a week on jab days (taken about 1 hour before jab so the B12 has got something to work with). I also have 400mcg methylfolate in my daily B-complex (Pure Encapsulations), and I take an extra 400mcg methylfolate on top of that on days that I'm not taking folic acid. Folate is important! I crash big time without it. I'm lucky I seem to tolerate both kinds, so I take both to cover the bases. I was doing weekly jabs, but I found it wasn't enough when I started back doing normal life things and exercise. And I prefer to spread the dose out little and often rather than 1 big hit, theory being you have a greater chance of absorbing more and excreting less in urine.

  • I think my biggest problem is low cortisol. I'm fighting a loosing battle.

  • Have you thought about contacting the charity? I know Dr Chandy has been looking at hypo adrenalism lately, I am sure he would help.

  • i've personally seen dr chandy. he asked for my cortisol to be tested. he told me it was too low and i needed to be on HC. told me that i wouldn't get treated by the drs and that i'd need to see a couple of people that are sympathetic to SAI. i started HC and lost 7lbs and felt fantastic (took about 6 odd weeks). then i got an app through to have an SST test. the endo did a high dose test, just like dr chandy said they would do and it showed nothing, just like dr C said it would, then they've dismissed me, just like dr C said they would. the drs have left me with a very low cortisol level and are doing nothing. i haven't started back on HC as hubby is a bit nervous about me being on it and the endo said i could kill my adrenals off altogether. so here i am with all these vit deficiencies and low cortisol, not loosing weight and know that my thyroid could be affected by the low cortisol/adrenal function.

    i keep going back and back to the drs. i'm getting nowhere other than pi$$ing off drs. i'm so depressed about everything! i'm fat and ugly and fed up! i can't stand it anymore. i've asked the dr for help with my weight.... today i get a call from some weight lifestyle change offering 10 weeks of nutritional advice and exercise. i told them i don't need the advice and as i used to run half marathons i don't need the exercise part of it. i can no longer exercise as i pass out. my stomach's in a state now too. constantly bunged up to the point where i live on poop pills. if i go 3 days i now i'm in big trouble and then i start bleeding which is not helping my iron or b12 levels. i'm in such a state yet i bet they think i'm a hypocondriac.

  • I'm just in despair for you ukangell, you're not a hypochondriac, you're a victim of a failing medical system. I have to say if I had Dr C advising me I would follow what he says, it's not like you're just making it up as you go along, he's a medical doctor after all. Have you spoken to him since the SST? I would also take more folate in the meantime, and switch to a paleo diet. I know they're not the answer, but we need to keep chipping away with a small hammer to have any hope of addressing all the things that are making us ill. I don't know about the T4/T3 side of things as I'm not hypo, but that's clearly important as well.

  • this is what i'm coming too. the decision to start taking HC again is getting closer. when dr C asked for my cortisol to be tested it was 199nmol (range 185nmol upwards), the SST resulted in my baseline being 195nmol (dropped lower in just 4 months) and 30min result being 545nmol, 60 mins 617nmol. no acth was done and the registrar endo knew nothing about it. so annoying. in the meantime i'm fed up.

  • I don't know what to suggest, I don't have any experience of adrenals other than having watched and read Dr C's presentation. There are others on the FB Group with the same issue as you so maybe raise the question over there?

  • You can order private blood tests via Blue Horizon and Genova on to check your FT3 and rT3 status and you can buy T3 on the internet and self medicate. PM me if you want a link.

    Check out weight loss advice on

  • You might find this thread interesting

  • Free T4 of 12.4 is in no way normal

    it should be nearer 19 even on NDT

  • Agree with Marz. I had crippling fatigue and brain fog and was told by the nhs it was in my head. I had to help myself - difficult when you are exhausted - but i correctly self diagnosed coeliac and p anaemia on top of existing hashimoto's. It took several months of b12; first the loading dose injections then monthly shots to feel more or less normal.

    I still had residual brain fog, which disappeared once i had my mercury fillings and a root canal removed.

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