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Pain in neck - over or under medicated?

Currently on 100 thyroxine daily - sometimes my throat appears swollen at front - not painful to swallow etc but sore to touch - if I miss a dose of thyroxine it seems to go back to normal - all my test results are in normal range. Can this be that I am over medicated or under medicated? I have weight gain and fluid retention as well. Thank you to everyone on these boards for their help.

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When I had this it was due to being undermedicated. I have hashi's and my endo suggested suppressing TSH to stop the swelling in my neck from getting larger.

Have you had an ultrasound on this area? How are your other thyroid symptoms? How do you feel?


Pennyrose thank you for your reply. As well as weight gain (mostly fluid retention) I get a tightness across the chest which makes me feel panicky and anxious. Sleeping pattern is awful - most nights I get 2 or 3 hours sleep if lucky. My gp will not higher my dose of thyroxine - he goes by blood tests only and will not be swayed on this. Had adrenal tests and result was stressed adrenals - started to take DHEA and after a week I thought I was going to have a heart attack because the palpitations were so bad (smallest dose of 25 I was taking). Had ultrasound on neck years ago. Dye test for heart showed no blockage etc so I dont know where to go from here. The only help I can get is on here because my gp wont assist me in any other way.


Please get a copy of your blood tests with the ranges and post on a new question. It may be possible to get your GP to increase 'normal or not'.


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