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Advice from the experts please!


Please can anyone offer advice on my latest blood test results? I'm currently taking 75mcgs T4 (Levo) and 20mcgs of T3 per day.

I'm due to visit my endo in two weeks time and want to be armed with knowledge (if need be). I'm still feeling wacked out and have recently noticed a few heart flutters; does anyone have any ideas with regards to these symptoms? I exercise daily so don't contribute the above to being unfit. I eat a good balanced diet and am active throughout the day. My weight has increased since taking the T3 (Back in December 2013) and will not budge despite my best efforts!

Blood test results: Latest.

T4: 8.3

T3: 4.2

TSH: 0.11

They make absolutely no sense to me but I know someone on here will be able to offer expert advice.

Thank you x

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Hi Auntflo

If you have your ranges for your blood tests that will be helpful as labs differ in their ranges. It will make it easier to comment.

Dr Toft of the British Thyroid Association says that some of us need a suppressed TSH to feel well and and Dr Lowe also says that too but he also says for weight loss. With regards to T3 if you read the question/answer dated November 9, 2005 it may be helpful.

AuntFlo in reply to shaws

Thank you Shaws, I will read your link and also places the ranges on tomorrow.

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