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Hi all, Im hoping that maybe you can give me some advice on what I should do next!

Following a few months of feeling dreadful,

With flu like symptoms, hot/cold, fatigue and severe nausea i had some routine blood tests which showed in december 2013 TSH 18.9 ( 0.2-5.0)

Retesting a month later Jan2014

TSH 8.35

Free T4 10.8 ( 10-24)

Free T3 4.15 (4-8)

I was given 50 mcg levo for 1 month then upped to 75 mcg as i still felt unwell.

6 weeks later i felt rather hyper and tests were

March 2014.

TSH 0.09

T4 22.4

Was reduced a little to 75/50 alternately.

Last week i still felt very nauseous and had developed asthma which was quite debilitating ( new symptom) still felt nauseous , agitated although not particularly tired.

I then went for a private blue horizon test as i wanted a 'snapshot' as i didnt really know if i felt hypo or hyper.

TSH 0.48 (0.27-4.2)

T4 13.9 (12-22)

T3 2.9 (3.1-6.8)

So now i dont know if im over medicated. Do i need to get T3 up by self medicating?

I would be grateful for any thoughts!

Also i had normal scan , some inflammatory changes and autoantibodies test was negative



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The nausea indicates to me that your either b12 deficient or your ferritin and folate is low

without ferritin being halfway in thecref range your body simply cannot utilise the levothyroxine

hence you will need iron plus vit c for some months and preferably t3 in the interim


No, you don't look over medicated, you look like you might have a bit of a problem coinverting the t4 into t3 though. This could be lack of selenium, lack of iron, low ferritin, low d3, low folate, As really fed up has said. Some t3 may help whilst you work out what the problem is


Both your t4 and t3 are very low. I wish I knew what the answer was to this. Often my tsh is suppressed but nothing else is remarkably high or beyond middling. I think the usual advice here is to tough it out and not worry about low tsh if you need to improve your t3 and/or t4 levels. And as galathea says, a bit of t3 might help.


Not taking enough Levo u need to get your numbers to 2.0 or 1.5 that will give enery level


Easy way to impact folate is green veg and cut out any alcohol if you can

good luck hope you feeling more your usual self soon


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