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Can I be transferred to a thyroid specialist even though my blood tests are normal?

Hashimotos Thyroid 100mmg levo - had it for 9 years now - but i am starting to feel really tired again, gain weight, constipated and all - my doctor tells me my levels are ok but then again she never asked what caused my thyroid dysfunction until i told her that back in germany (where i come from ) they did ultrasounds and close checks - only then she said she would make an ultrasound - can i be transferred to a specialist rather than a GP even if she thinks my levels are normal?

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from my experience they don't know what to do with you if you have Hashi's. Just keep taking the tablets! They don't even bother about tests for antibodies. I asked my GP for 2 tests over 3 months and had one private test, anitbodies gradually reducing thanks to gluten free diet. I would go back to Germany, they are not interested here in treating people, certainly not thyroid people. I even paid for my own private thyroid scan which showed it was badly atrophied! I just wish we had a European type health service here.


so you find a gluten free diet helps you ?

I am just having trouble beacuse i feel tired again and i seem to gain weight when i actually eat very healthy and have hardly any bad stuff - one day a week i indulge myself in a burger or bread or something. but now i gain weight from eating healthy.

I feel tired when i had 8 hours sleep and could sleep all day long if i had been given the chance - not to mention the headache and bowel and all....

so there is really not much that can be done in this country? I am just not familiar with the ways here so I am unsure what to do .

thanks for the reply


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