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Blood test results

Can anyone help me with these test results please.

Ft4 range 9-19

Tsh range 0.2- 4

4/7/2011 tsh 1.93

14/6/2013 tsh 5.52

Ft4. 9.3. Classed as borderline

2/9/2013 tsh 7.03

Ft4 10.4

Antibody 511+. 50 mg thyroxine

28/10/2013 tsh 1.79

Ft4 10.9. 75 mg thyroxine

16/12/2013 tsh 1.55

Ft4 13.3. 100mg thyroxine (started)

14/4/2014 tsh 0.08 (out of range)

Ft4 12.1

Lab report said tsh not fully suppressed . Is ther any clinical indication of over replacement .? Repeat in 3/4 months.

Dr has left me on 100 thyroxice for now . Thing is i am still really tried going to bed at 7/8 on an evening also can't seem to shift any weight . Any one can any ideas why my tsh goes down and so does my ft4 ?

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You really need an FT3 test to see what your body is actually doing with the levo.

Did you take your levo before the test..? Were the tests all done at the same time of day..?

Can I ask if you are taking the levo with water only, at least 30 mins to 1 hour before food..?

Which levo? Do you always get the same one..?

Have you had other tests...?




Vitamin D

This information will help people to better give informed support...




Thanks for reply. Not had any of the others tested. Take Levo at 4 in moring on empty stomach with water. . Always take same brand which is mercury Parma ( think that's the name ) blood test done at 8 am I did not take on morning of test . All tests same time .


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