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Hi could someone help me understand these results please

Hi I had my bloods done at the end of jan my tsh was 0.27 . Range is .4 -4.5 , I was on 125mcg of levothyroxine so the doctor changed my meds to 125 one day 100 next , had my bloods done 8 weeks later which was 2 weeks ago and my tsh is 0.16 and t4 19 ?? So now ive been put down to 100 mcg each day , how if my meds have been reduced has my tsh went lower ??

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Have you had any tests for antibodies. My TSH went up and down and I felt very unwell and asked for TPO test which showed raised antibodies. After reading up have been on almost gluten free diet and antibodies have almost halved in 3 months! If you have antibodies then you have an auto immune condition which is made worse by gluten and dairy in the diet. Check out Robb Wolf, paleo solution!

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I had an antibodie test a couple of months ago and I didnt have thyroid antibodies , I may still look into the gluten and dairy thing tho x


Hi angel 38 - you didnt say how you were feeling. I've learnt that blood test results are not as relevant as they should be and that your symptoms are more important. What level of levo did you feel best on?


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