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So I have been feeling very depressed over the last few months which is getting worse with suicidal thoughts, although I feel it is important to point out I don't want to kill myself. When I shower and shampoo my hair it comes out in long handfuls. It's coarse and matted all the time. I am tired ALWAYS I will sleep 9-10hrs a night and still be tired so will nap when my toddler does and still be too tired to do dinner. I have terrible memory loss I can't remember what I have for dinner the night before, let alone two days ago. I have NO sex drive, sex is absolutely indifferent to me right now. I am 24+ stone and just can't shift any, I'm Terrified of seeing a Dr incase they think I'm stupid but waiting on a call back go discuss these symptoms today. Help or advice appreciated xx

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Hi Carla welcome to the boards.I'm sorry you are feeling so low and ill.

From your symptoms I would say that hypothyroidism is a possibility. Some women will develop it after having a child. The hair loss is also common after having a child but as you say toddler I would imagine that would have happened months ago. Have you had any blood tests done? If you haven't I would suggest asking for thyroid fuction tests as well as ferritin,iron, vit B12, vit D and folate and a full blood count. The problem is that many medical issues share similar symptoms so it's important to get these different bloods done to figure out where the problem lies. Then come here and post the results along with the ranges so people can comment and help out.

Are you on medication for the depression?


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