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Still don't feel right

I was diagnosed hypothyroidism 2 years ago current on 75 mg of Levo. Sleeping at approx 7:30 every night no energy and so lathargic. Bloods have been redone and doc says my levels are normal.

Struggling with this as I used to have so much get up and go any recommendations of anything else I take to help?

Also cannot shift my weight increase really getting me down as I have a wedding to slim for

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There are many reasons why levo might not be working for you. you need your nutrients to be at optimal levels like ferritin, transferrin saturation, TIBC, magnesium, zinc, copper, vit d, b12, if ANY of these readings are low the levo wont work. ask your doc to get these done or have them done privately. another reason might be your adrenals might be struggling so you should take the genova saliva adrenal stress test. you could have food intolerances. gut problems. candida problem. female hormone problems. ALL of these things need to e explored cos u became hypo for a reason and u need to rectify what u think that reason is in order for the levo to convert and get into your cells. if u still have no joy ask your doc to put u on t3 only treatment, or try natural dessicated thyroid. I have have been hypo for 10 years and im STILL getting to the bottom of things. Claire xxx


Thank you Claire for this. I will look into this and ask my doctor to invesigate other options as I am sick of feeling so tired and under the weather. xx


Can you get a print out of your blood test results including the reference ranges which are the figures in brackets and post them on here so that others can comment on whether they are 'normal' or not. Often doctors don't understand what is normal when people are on thyroid replacement.


This is a link re T3/T4 and weight loss.


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