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hi in feb I told you that I went to my gp as I felt overmedicated i.e hot and agitated plus running toilet lots my gp dropped my dose from 100mg to 75 and to be retested after 2 mths my tsh at the beginning was 0.66 which was causing me the above problems but after 5week I feel like I have gone under medicated, freezing cold weight gain tired do you think I am now unmedicated and if so would you wait 2mth for bloods or go back to my gp,? many thanks,x

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  • Go back and have another blood test as you have clinical symptoms. Don't wait.

  • He reduced your dose from 700mcg per week to 525mcg. That is 175mcg - a lot to drop over the week, no wonder you feel bad. Some people alternate 75/100 and find that it suits them, it might be an idea to suggest that to your GP - or even try it anyway to see if it makes you feel better.

  • I think the minimum time they allow between tests is six weeks, but this may be different in your area. I think it is best to tell your GP now.

  • I was in the same situation as you a while back. I went onto 100mcg 4 times a week and 75 mcg the other 3 days - and this has worked really well for me. I think you've taken too much of a cut. To be honest, I'd go by how you feel rather than by a TSH test and make an increase now. The longer you leave it the longer it will take to get back to feeling OK.

  • I suggested that to my gp 75 and 100 on alternate days and told I cant do that I have to wait for blood test results first,

  • Isn't that typical! More interested in ticking their boxes with blood test results than helping you feel better. I hope you get a good outcome eventually. If you can get your GP to leave both 100 and 75 on prescription for you, as this will give you some personal flexibility in future.

  • Hi I don't know how old you are, but some of those symptoms could be menopausal symptoms? My GP also tried to lower my dose because I had started having hot flushes recurrent UTI's also feeling agitated and short tempered (more than usual!) and he wanted to make sure I wasn't over medicating...however, lowering the dose had no effect on the inability to manage heat well, and I felt wiped out & couldn't cope on a lower dose, so I went back to my original dose.

  • don't think its menopause as had that years since, as I am 68 now

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