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Son's Results, help and advice please

Ask my doc to test my 7 year old son for hashimotos. Told them family history and symptoms; always hungry, puffy face, peeling nails, very emotional, croaky voice. Was told results were marked normal, no further action, so asked for a copy. Only TSH done which was 3.42 (0.3-5.5). WBC 4.42 (4.5 -13.5) and RBC 4.06 (4.5-6.5) marked below range, ferritin 20 (7.0-150), should I be worried?

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Your GP should have tested for antibodies if you feel it may be Hashimotos. This is a link re thyroid gland blood tests. I assume its the same for children as adults:-

The problem is that the British Thyroid Associations guidelines state that until the TSH reaches 10, no medication be given. That's horrendous as it takes no account of clinical symptoms which you feel your son has. I don't know if this link will be helpful:


Hi I would start with a finger prick ( so described but it is a phial of blood) through Blue Horizon, main site. Quote TUK10 for a discount. Have TSH, T4 and free t3, the intermediate test.Results to you , o line. My FT3 was below range, rest odd, TSH, immeasurable ,T4 those days, treated, now all fairly bad.If not happy with the results, I would either , best, seer an Endo privately but pick one who specializes in children, check what their policies for prescribing are first, sec.Only then ask for a referral.Privately not so rigidly forced to adhere to hospital rules etc. Alternatively try and get a referral to GOSH. hey are brilliant and helped my grand daughter, years ago.

Above all do not self treat but follow your instinct, if you think somethings is wrong, then there is. Good Endo`s like mine recognise we know best!

Good Hunting ! WEB and hospital lists, cross reference them, and private hospitals, usually more info on their sites.



Hi. I would ask gp for thyroid antibody tests. Presuming he wont cos they dont, you can do your own private finger prick test at home from Blue Horizon details on the Thyroid Uk website.


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