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Can hypothyroid cause tense jaw?

Hi, I've had a tense jaw since before Christmas. I've been on 25mcgs of Levothyroxine for 4 weeks and started on 50mcgs this morning. It's got to the point where it's unbearable. I've tried exercises and nothing will relax it. I don't know if it's stress related. What can I do?

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I haven't experienced this myself but in the book "Tears behind closed doors" Diana Holmes says that she used to grind her teeth at night and during the day when she was unmedicated. Dunno, sounds similar?!

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I think a lot of hypothyroids suffer from TMJ as well. Muscle issues are a problem. A suggestion to keep a pencil between upper and lower teeth may force relaxation. There are other mouth guards for sleeping.


Do you lots of muscle pain elsewhere or is it only your jaw causing discomfort. .I ask as polymyalgia Starts with muscle pain but then gives strong pains in the jaw and chin area


Are you on mercury pharma brand of levo thyroxine? I found that this particular brand caused me to grind my teeth a lot - had to change brands.


Hi.. I know this is very old.. but did it get better after you changed from mercury pharma? I'm having the same problems..

Thank you


If your jaw is tense then you may be teeth clenching or grinding in your sleep. This can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain and can kill off the roots of the teeth leading to abcesses. ( I have had more than 20). You may need to get a mouth guard from your dentist to spread the force of the bite. Its not known why some hypothyroid people are more likely to do it. It is linked to hypo, I don't think its linked to the brand of meds but it may be linked to being under medicated? I don't really do it much now on 4 grains of NDT, but I do it with less medication. ( t4 or t3 in any combination or brand).

G x


I got a flexible plastic mouth guard from my dentist. They have to be individually made and I think I paid about £50 for mine. I don't like wearing the guard but it really does take the pressure off my jaws.


I understand this, I grind and clench my teeth, I think it's linked to hypo too. I wake up with a terrible headache, sensitive teeth and gum pain. My dentist was very worried about the state of my teeth, he knew straightaway the damage from grinding.

Some antidepressants I took in the past made me bite my tongue and clench my teeth in the day time, horrible!


That's interesting, my dentist told me I grind my teeth. My jaw clanks and cracks sometimes and I have just recently been diagnosed with patulous eustachian tubes which is supposed to be connected with TMJ. I get headache starting round my ear area.

I hope you feel better soon


Thanks everyone. I get aches and pains else where but it's really bad in my jaw. I'll look into tooth guards. Thanks again. You've been so helpful x


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