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My mother is having lump in right breast. Mammogram and FNAC test are done and reports are saying this is not related to cancer.

She undergone the surgery 2 days back to remove lump, the surgeon is saying the lump is not looking normal, it may related to cancer and need to send for biopsy. we have sent for biopsy and not yet received reports.

Is it possible, to show the mammogram and FNAC test reports wrong.

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I don't know if this will be helpful.



Hi sreeb,

Biopsy results take a time to come back I'm afraid, I work on an oncology ward & we sometimes have to wait up to 10 days for a biopsy result for inpatients, it seems such a long time but sometimes they have to wait to grow slides & stuff. I know its horrible waiting but a lot of people are involved in the diagnostic process, the surgeons, the lab, oncology & haematology doctors & they come together with all the results & then make a diagnosis & decide a treatment plan. Abnormal cells do not always mean cancer but It has to be ruled out, try & stay positive until you know exactly what you are dealing with, if you do get told its cancerous macmillain are amazing at supporting patients & their families, information is power there is lots of help out there. I hope you get the all clear & everything is OK for you & your family.

Take care Debs


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