You guys are all bloody marvelous!!!

Managed to persuade my Endo to up my dose of levo !!!WOO HOO!!!

When originally diagnosed my tsh 23ish

I was given 75mcg for 2 weeks then upped to 150mcg.I felt alive again.

Next time they reduced me to 125mcg and I was feeling really yuk..

Got them to up to 125/150 mcg every other day.Finally saw senior consultant explained all clinical symptoms and he has put me up to 150mcg per day even though TSH now suppressed.-Result!!

Could not have done this without everyone's input on this site.

Thankyou everyone,


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  • Great to hear a success story!

  • Excellent news and I'm glad the Senior Consultant raised your dose according to symptoms.

    Maybe email his name to

    You will have a nice summer to look forward to when you feel well.

  • Fantastic news, blue999. It makes my day to hear good news like yours. Enjoy !!!

  • Great news. I've never understood the concerns about suppressed TSH, cancer patients are suppressed for at least five years and they don't report crumbling bones and heart attacks.

  • terrific news blue , so happy that the good people on here have helped you as indeed they have me and no doubt many others ....long may it continue .....alan xx

  • Fantastic, good result , gives us all hope that the Drs will start to listen to us

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