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Could it be gluten problems which are causing my weight loss?

I had thyroid surgery years ago & have never been prescribed thyroid meds. I gained a couple of stone after the op.

& have never managed to lose any weight with diet & exercise. A few months ago I started losing weight at a dramatic pace & I feel bloated, sick & have pains in my stomach. I'm still losing weight although I'm eating normally & have now lost 3 stones & counting. I've had a body scan & that showed up cysts on my pancreas but no other problems to worry about.

HELP! Has anyone else experienced problems like this, especially anyone who has lost a lot of weight with borderline hypothyroidism. I'd like anyone with food intolerance to share their symptoms. I haven't eliminated anything from my diet yet as I'm waiting to see a specialist at the hospital.

Thank you for reading my question.

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Could well be. Dont cut gluten out of your diet until your Doc has tested you for Coeliac, it is difficult to detect if it is not in your system,

Gluten can cause many symptoms other than gut. If you want to be tested - insist on it.


Jillyana, gluten tests to include biopsies cannot detect the full picture which includes sensitivity not just to gluten but also to gliadin, another protein found in wheat and grains which if often targeted by the immune system.

It appears to be that the best way to find out is to eliminate wheat at the very least for 4 weeks and see how you feel. Many experience withdrawal symptoms i.e. constipation, headaches etc.. the first week or so. After that the inflammation is beginning to reduce and side effects are less and less and you hopefully would feel great. I have read the book 'wheat belly' by the American Cardiologist Dr William Davis and it is quite useful.


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