I am gaining weight quite drastically, please help!!

I have an under active thyroid, but they are telling me that my levels are normal. I also have fibromylagia and I am on 20mg of Nortriptyline a night. It's really beginning to get me down and since last August I have put on a stone. I haven't changed my eating patterns and I eat quite well- I obviously dont want my weight to go up any more. Please help, any suggestions or ideas as to why would be amazing! Thank you :)

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  • Hi, I have had partial thyroid removal, am waiting for the rest to be removed as I have cancer, I also have cmt which is a muscle thing, I take gabapentin at night, but I have cut down. I am taking magnesium, d3 , and cut out gluten. I still have real tired spells but it is better. The weight is another issue, I still have real difficulty with this one. Am riding my bike most days, staying as active as I can am about to try acupressure, you can do it yourself and so far they have been spot on. I have cut out sugar too. My next is to cut out dairy and see what happens. It is a nightmare......would love to have any tips you have too. The magnesium should help with muscle pain, o and I have epsom salt baths. .....x

  • Do you have any recent blood tears for thyroid, with reference ranges? I expect the "normal" cited by your GP is not normal if you want to lead a healthy life. You are probably not on enough medication and a tweak in your dose could help the fibromyalgia too. Post results together with what meds you are on and people can comment and advise. I went through six years of being told I was normal and wondering why I felt so ill and am now on a much higher dose and improving slowly.

  • As Hennerton says, ask for a print out of your latest blood tests. As a minimum you probably need to take more thyroxine. Also make sure you have had your iron, ferritin, folate, Vit D and Vit B12 levels tested along with your kidney function. It is common for people who are hypo to have low levels of one or more of these and supplementation to improve levels helps the thyroid hormone you are taking to work more effectively.

  • A video but although the sound is poor you can still hear it. It's 3 videos and it's about 1 hour long.


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