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Ferritin plus Thyroid

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The first link has some interesting graphs which show how much ferritin levels go up when hypothyroidism is treated with T4 or T3, even from some very low levels.

The ferritin levels may not go up enough, at least in the period of time analysed, but up they go - and, the paper suggests, that euthyroidism is achieved. (Though many of us are aware of the many shades of meaning there.)



I am sure theres many more links out there

it seems that the links to hypothyroid triggering the massive fall in vitamin and mineral status long before TSH shifts or the patient gets diagnosis has not been high on medics or researchers radar

But if you look at my daughter and grandaughters blood tests the proof is there


Hi thanks for posting the links I have recently had low ferritin and now on iron supplement when asking the doctor if it was linked to my thyroid was told no !! I have suffered from low ferritin before and was feeling awful for the last year so I managed to get the doctor to test my ferritin which came back low now feeling much better thanks to the iron


These medics need to wake up fast

My grandaughter was 16 and had only just started menstruating when she had a ferritin level of 3 (13-150) for 3 years before Hashimotos was diagnosed and 2 years before symptoms appeared and the GPs sat back and did nothing

My other grandaughter was only 9 when her feritin and folate levels were dire and she was not even menstruating and had horrendous fatigue which got diagnosed as ME by even a peadiatric endocrinolgist despite her being a totally controlled Coeliac from birth and having Hashis antibodies

The aneamia was treated and then a year later her thyroid results were bad enough for the medics to admit she was hypothyroid ...........she very rapidly recovered on thyroxine whereas her now 19 yr old cousin is far from well on either thyroxine or t3 and needs Armour Thyroid

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