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I'm feeling desperate now

These are the test results I had in October 2013

TSH 0.23 mu/L (0.35 - 4.7)

Free t4 12 pmol/L (7.8 - 21)

Vit D 42.6

Vit B12 189 ng/L (180-1130)

Ferritin 68 ug/L (15-300)

Folate 5.0 ug/L

Since then I have self medicated B12 and D. My GP sees those results as 'normal range' (excuse me while I scream)

so he wont even retest to see if my supplements have worked.. Today he admitted he had no knowledge of the connection between B12 and thyroid function but would read anything relevant if I sent it to him. I'm close to retiring so the private route is limited, although I do intend to get the T3 test that was omitted. Suggestions please?

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I would suggest you spend as much time as you can trawling the internet to see what you can come up with.

Try this for starters (I went onto the website and searched thyroid) as I'm sure there will be something there to take to your GP.

You might also want to get your folates tested as these work hand in hand with B12.

Also how much vitd are you supplementing and how old are these results.

Moggie x


Thanks Moggie - I need to take control of this before I sink without a trace. Will start with your link.

Since my blood tests in October last year I have been taking B12 2500mcg (quick dissolve) daily and 5000IU D3....I have no idea what my levels are now because my doctor refuses to retest me. He says theres no need as they were all OK.


Have a look at this other post today as Rod has put some interesting link up.

Moggie x


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