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TV alert; 'Fantastical World of Hormones' with Dr John Wass. BBC4 Wed evening (9pm I think)


This morning I caught an interview with Dr John Wass on Breakfast TV... this may be of interest to others although I suspect from what was said during the interview that any thyroid issues will be presented as depressingly simplistic... easy to diagnose/treat... etc. I will be watching with interest and hoping my pessimism is wrong.

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Yes im recording it

Lyn has pinned it just to the right of your post - I to have set my recorder.

Moggie x

Hidden in reply to Moggie

I missed it there - I only picked up on the programme because of the interview I saw this morning, which was not great. Having looked at the other comments on Lyn's post I'm even more certain it will do nothing positive for the treatment of thyroid conditions. :( x

I caught the tail end of this mornings interview. Got TV on record too. Looking forward to seeing it. Hope it is not all doom and gloom!!!

I was hopeful until I've read this article !


Moggie in reply to escalade

How I would love to comment on this awful article but they have stopped any more comments being posted.

As you say - after reading the negative comments by doctors and the like, who I presume will also appear in the show, its not looking good is it.

Moggie x

mumcat2 in reply to escalade

Abso-##-lutely disgraceful. How any so-called eminent professor can come out with such obvious ignorance and lies defeats me. Perhaps we ought to wish our conditions on him, and see how imaginary they are.

I was really looking forward to the programme - vested interest being hypothyroid and hypopituitary - so I really hope that it may just use him as an example of the uneducated and uncaring attitude of someone who should know better.

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There is no hope - underactive thyroid - a new condition?! Speechless :(

lucylocks in reply to escalade

This article is utter tosh

HarryE in reply to escalade

So when you are sleeping for 15 hours a day, that means you are spending too much time on electronic devices??? What rubbish!

Chippysue in reply to escalade

Oh dear

HiddenAdministrator in reply to escalade

hopefully they have learnt a bit since 2011?

A New condition? a example of one historical snippet for the journalist

J aka 'exhausted zombie'

I just read the article. I suppose that's what we expect from an NHS endo., but so depressing.

The acronym TATT was coined donkeys' years ago; that was my "diagnosis" way back.

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Yes I though it depressing too. I wonder how many of those four out of five turned away with no diagnosis actually have misdiagnosed thyroid conditions and have fallen into the 'normal' trap...

I noticed that too, Liza Sahara. Exotic sounding! self diagnosed! New ? conditions. (UAT known about for over 120 years!). How condescending of this Medical ? Journalist, John Naish. He obviously knows as much as many GPs and Endos and Professors out there, who also spout this rubbish. Mainstream medicine...does not believe!...does mainstream medicine have any proof to support whatever it is does not believe? No !!! Re: Adrenal Fatigue, Prof Wass says, these glands help control the heart and blood pressure, I think they do just a wee bit more than that.

I wish John Naish and Prof. Wass would take the time to read amazing and supportive and knowledgeable sites and forums like us, Thyroid UK, Thyroid Petition Scotland, Thyroid Change and others out there, and actually speak to Real Patients and print the other side of the story in their newspapers and journals. Even make a tv programme about it? I find it all so frustrating, a lot of it seems like common sense to me. Unfortunately, the powers that be seem to be totally lacking in this.

Typical Daily Mail health pages! How on earth is hypothyroidism an "exotic" illness? There was me thinking it was a common medical condition...

I owuld just like to address the top section of the article (link in post above), I did not get any further than this section:

"So many patients are turning up at their GPs complaining of fatigue that doctors have invented an acronym for their woes: TATT — or 'tired all the time'. Studies show, however, that only around one in five of these patients actually has an identifiable physical illness."

I have been Hypo for 15+ years now, however I have been one of these patients complaining at the doctors of being tired all the time for 2-3 years now, but they just fobbed me off, telling me my TSH is within range.

Thanks ot this site I got a copy of my TSH results - and they are not even within the range printed on the results sheets.

Thanks to this site I summed up the courage to ask for other tests, and was fobbed off repeatedly until the docs caved and allowed a TSH (same old same old) CBC and vit B12 test last week.

Thanks to this this site I asked for a copy of my blood test results when the doc called me to say my B12 was low.

My B12 is 65, when the normal range is 197-866.

My blood test results stated (notes from the haematologist at the hospital who did them, notes the docs had not mentioned to me and would never have told me about and I only know BECAUSE of this site and knowing I am entitled to a printout of my blood test results)

"patient has been tested in 2011 and levels low, why has treatment not commenced, immediate treatment a priority"

I had no idea my B12 had been low in 2011, I vaguely remember them telling me it was OK (as does my husband) and htey fought me for the re-testing last week.

I am happy to say I have started B12 injections today, and thanks to this site know that I need more B12 than the doctor has stated, and know thanks to this site that the doctor should be referring me to a haematologist.

my TATT symptoms were ignored, and I now have neurological symptoms, and possible permanent nerve damage - but that is OK as I was just tired all the time - right?

perhaps what the article means to say is that only 1 in 5 is diagnosed while the rest are ignored.

belwom in reply to Mrs_Somerset

A doctor failing to treat when blood results come back low and hospital recommends treatment is negligent.

also - on a lighter note, I would liek to add that any professor who thinks the bedroom is the only place for sex, is just not doing it right, :-)

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