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Can any one help with my results? Plus am unsure if I am posting in the right place?

Here are my blood tests blood results at last !!

Vitamin D=41 nmol/L

alanine aminotransferase level =52IU/L Abnormal

free T4 level =14.1pmol/L

TSH level =3.01mIU/L

folate =6ug/L

vitamin B12 =681ng/L ( results say this is abnormal)

Ferritin =21ug/L

Red blood cell =4.20 10^12/L(4.32-5.6) abnormal

any thoughts or ides on my next move ?

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It's in the right place, but you will need the reference ranges to get any useful advice. They should be on your print out, usually in brackets.


Hi HarryE

sadly there only appears to be my white and red cells that brackets around them and words ive never heard of like, Basophil count, eosinophil that the results are in brackets


You might need to ask the doc to find out then, all labs are different :-(


looks like am having to go back :-( thought it was too good to be true when I asked for a print out of my blood results now I know why. Thank you for replying HarryE


Hi :) I had this problem last week....simply had a chat with the receptionist, who at first was reluctant as she wasn't"medically qualified"....I pointed out that as I already had a printout,hence the actual results(!) she wasnt telling me anything new....she saw the light and gave me the FULL printout ie the pathlab report with all the ranges....yahoo! This gave me more courage to discuss with GP and, more importantly for me, gave other folk here the chance to offer insight BEFORE I saw GP lol...... x


Hi Firewalker1

thank you I will go back next week and ask x


tsh is high

free t4 is low

folate and ferritin way way too low

before you do anything its vital to get folate and ferritin back up to upper quadrants of their ranges

you need to take iron or spatone plus 500mg vit c as you cant absorb iron without vit c


Hi reallyfed up123

Thank you Ill start on these tomorrow just need to go and buy Vit C


Your white cell count is made up with several different kinds of cells. These are the strange names you are seeing. These cells do different jobs and the distribution can indicate various things like infection for example. If you have a sore throat then the white cells that deal with that would/should increase.


TSH too high should be below 1

Free T4 too low should be nearer 20

Ferritin and Folate on the floor .................must be pushed up to upper quadrant of their range before any thyroid meds will work

Demand iron tablets plus test for thyroid antibodies ...............your hypothyroid


Hi really fed up 123, thank you I will ask for those tests. I've been lucky and have an appointment with Dr Peatfield in March. Am starting to feel a light at the end of the tunnel .i can't believe how crippling it into have all the bad results and what you have to do to get it sorted out . Thank younsommuch for all the device given Amanda x


Start taking Spatone plus 500mg Vit C tablets twice a day from now because without the ferritin and folate shifting up you will not be able to utilise thyroxine and will need T3

Dr Peatfield will have no trouble agreeing with me on all of above diagnosis and advice


Thank you I will get some of the Spatone 500mg tomorrow kind regards Amanda x


Spatone is Iron

Vit C tablets need to be 500mg

take both together

you cannot absorb any iron medicines without vitamin C

Best source for Vitamin C is Superdrug


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