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Can anyone advise me on these blood results.

Doc stated all was normal except folic acid now prescribed 5mg per day for 3months (what of the results led the doc to diagnose this?) I originally went for blood tests to check B12 etc as advised on this site - does anyone know if the test results below indicate B vitamin issues?

I am on levo 225 per day and advised today to reduce this to 200.

I am also on alopurinal (oops spelling) and furosemide and omneprazole

Results are:

Free t4 22.1 H

TSH <0.05l

Sodium 144

Potassium 3.6

Chloride 105

Bicarbonate 27

Urea 5.7

Creatinine 84

EGFR >59

ALT 38

ALP 72

Bilirubin total 10

Albumin 42

Glucose 4.5


ADJ. Calcium 2.40

ANA negative

ANA conclusion Negative

Rheumatoid factor 7.7

Would be extremely grateful for all thoughts.

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You must have had some other tests done - an FBC (full blood count), plus serum B12 and folate? Are you sure they gave you full copies?

It would really help if you could add the ranges to the above. Your potassium is very low, this can make you feel quite ill. You need to eat lots of potassium rich foods to increase this:


Thank you for the links - I did have a folate test done (or so I think) as the doc did read out a result and then prescribed the meds……..will check this out again.


You have to have your Vit B12 result, with ranges. To take folic acid without checking/knowing B12 is not a good idea.


Hi and thank you for your reply. My doc did read out numbers re folic acid and said it was low so the results must just not have been printed. He did also say that the folic acid tablets would improve my B12 (I think) - so will have to go back and check this out…………..


B12 and folate are usually tested together as they are co-dependent. I would check with your GP whether they tested and haven't given you the result.

It could be worthwhile to request a vitD test. This is often deficient or low in range in hypothyroid patients.

As you're taking omeprazole I would hazard you have low stomach acid and might have trouble absorbing B12 from food and consequently it may be deficent or low in range. If you've gut issues you should also ask for a coeliac screen to eliminate gluten intolerance.

Looks like you're taking iron too. It helps absorption if you take it with 500mg-1000mg vitC. Make sure you take it 4 hours away from levothyroxine as it affects absorption.

Your TSH and FT4 look like you're slightly over-replaced, hence the reduction in dose. Have you felt a bit hyper?

I don't understand the other tests and results.


I did ask for a Vit D test - so need to check if this was done. I gather now from the responses that some test results may not have been on the print I received as I was given folic acid prescription. I have had gut issues for most of my life having an ulcer op when I was in my early 20's. In relation to Iron - I don't have any medication for this (other than the levo I am on allopurinal as a preventative for gout - or so I understand, and the only other tablets are a water tablet and the folic acid)….what made you think Iron? I would be really interested as the doc said my blood count was ok?


I confused the furosemide with iron, Alexxa.


Thanks for your reply. I did get a call from a practice doctor saying that I was running a bit high hence the reduction (got that call today - will reduce levo tomorrow). I haven't had a coeliac screen, but I have reduced my gluten intake as I had read that this may make me feel a bit better. Thanks for all the advice.


alexrizz, if you reply to a particular comment, you have to press the yellow Reply to this button, otherwise if you need a response the person isn't alerted.


Thanks - all kind of new to me….not just the site…..the whole technology, thanks again hope this is how it is done


Yes, that's fine. From now on always get copies of your blood tests with the ranges (labs differ and so do the ranges) for your own records and so you can post if you have a query. Just ask the surgery for a print-out. If the receptionist is a bit off-putting tell your GP and he should put it in your notes. Obviously GP's may first want to look at them to make sure they're fine.


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