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Daughter aged 16, Hypothyroid with poor circulation in both feet

My daughter is 16 and has hypothyroidism. She has had a problem with the circulation in her feet since just before her diagnosis over a year ago (but before this time her circulation was excellent).

She also has swelling on her big toes, they weep and are painful. She has been to see a podiatrist who checked the pulse in her feet and said that her pulse rate was low (she seemed a bit concerned about this) and to mention this to the doctor on her next visit. (I did mention this to the nurse I took her see but she just said wear warm socks!)

The podiatrist concluded that my daughter has in growing toe nails and the only thing she could do was to have a small op on her big toes to cut the toe nails away from the nail bed. I am not convinced this is underlying problem as it does not account for her cold feet and poor circulation. I wonder if these symptoms are related to her thyroid levels.

Her last results in September were:

TSH : 0.14 (range 0.51 - 4.3)

T4: 19.2 (0.12 – 22)

On 100mg of levo

Any ideas?


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A slow pulse is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism, as well as swelling. Maybe she is not on enough medication and you don't know what her T3 is. T3 is the active hormone which has to enter each and every cell to make us feel better. Some are poor converters of T4 to enough T3.

Ask your GP to check her T3 (most wont and some labs wont if your TSH is 'within range'). You can have a private T3 test and here are some labs. You could also ask your GP to refer your daughter to an Endocrinologist and if you email and ask for a list of NHS Endos/private doctors, one may be near you.

Dr Toft, of British Thyroid Association, says that some of us need a suppressed TSH and the addition of some T3. The GP is unaware of this, it would appear.


thanks Shaws - I agree that it could still be a sign of undermedication - it will be a waste of time for her to visit the GP - he will never refer her to an endo - it was a struggle to get him to agree to offer medication when her TSH was over the range (he said 'borderline'!!) I think I will get her a private test and go from there.


This may be of interest - it is about twins who have hypo from childhood. You have to cursor down the page.


Hi Even if underweight, make sure she has had a Diabetes test, autoimmune and hormonal. Hb1Ac best test, blood.

Best wishes,



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