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Monster difference in TSH. Any comments or advice?

I had new blood test results this week and I've just brought up a set of results from 4 years ago when I felt my thyroid was well-treated. At that time I was on 100 T4/20T3. My free T3 them was 7.4(range 4.1-7.9) and most striking,my TSH 0.18 (0.3-5.5) My very low TSH was not surprising as I'm hypopituitary too,and also implies that my free TS were high enough. I was on just 100 T4 when my current test was done though I'm now going back to T3,despite my newish consultant wanting me off it. The then results were my FT3 is 3.7 (only half what it was) and TSH has shot up to 3.7. I'm reading this surge as my low pituitary is trying like the clappers to get my FT3 up again but my thyroid can't keep the supply going. My endo wants me to up my T4 but I know of old that I go back to loads of FT4 but still low FT3 (possibly a conversion issue?)so I believe, on the back of the old tests,that adding T3 will not just raise my FT3 but also bring my TSH down.

Sorry for the protracted post,but have any of you experts and mods any comments?

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I'm not an expert but I would do as you suggest for myself. We know our bodies better than anyone else.


Sounds like you have the experience for listening to what your body is telling you and acting on it so dont let this doctor talk you into anything you know is not right for you. The old blood test results speak for themselves so I would say do what you know is best for you.

Moggie x

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Your analysis is spot on. Take the old results with you to the next endo consult and tell him/her that this is where you want to be and to stuff the T4 and TSH BS.


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