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So Happy Eltroxin is Working

Was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in early Dec and put on 0.5 mg Eltroxin. Am following all the advice - taking it early in morn, one cup of coffee a day (drink red cappuchinos after that), cut down alcohol, staying away fm wheat cos it bloats me, sleeping more, reducing stress, taking supplements, not eating after 8pm, and about to get my knee fixed so I will be able to exercise more. And guess what, it is working!!!

Lost 5kg. Not so tired and grumpy. No more racing heartbeats. Aches and pains gone. Eyes not so sore. Not dizzy anymore. Sex drive back.

I know I need to keep monitoring and stick to the health regime. But I thought its nice to post a success from time to time.

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Yes, that's excellent news. It is great when you feel well again. Some members, in the UK have been reporting that they couldn't get Eltroxin which suited them and were not doing well on the replacement.


Congratulations! Perine.

Enjoy and have Fun feeling Alive again!


So am I correct in assuming that because you are on Eltroxin that you don't live in the UK


I think you are likely right, APsnotFab. Would also explain expressing the dose as 0.5 mg - but that is a mighty dose as it works out to be 500 mcg!

Maybe something Perine could clarify?

Would also be interested to know precisely which company's Eltroxin it is?



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