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Graves disease 5yrs. Graves eye disease getting worse. Just diagnosed the cycothemia. Had agranulocytosis from cabimazole. Had R.A.I.

Now diagnosed with cyclathemia ( mood swings). Quetiapine threw me into hypo state. Pulse 46. Lots of infections followed. Constipaion 7 days. Lost 18lb in 4 weeks. Couldnt eat. Now im a blubbering wreck wondering what the hell happened to me? Gp listened but said nothing. I think he may be wondering if I have become a hypochondriac. He says im a complicated case. Been looking at private consultation but not sure what speciality I need to go for. Endo was very rude and arrogant towards me and said that there was nothing wrong with me. Paid him £160. Didnt even take thyroid profile. My bloods are all within normal ranges. Has anyone got any ideas about who to go and see? Also , ive nearly choked a few times due to inhaling regurgitated bile while sleeping. Im Soooo low at the moment and fed up with fighting Drs. I KNOW something is not right but they just fob me off.

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Sorry you have had no replies so far...for future reference, people tend to get a better response in the Questions section....

Hopefully someone will pick this up from Latest Activity..




Thanks for info. Was wondering why no replies. X


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