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Who do I contact regarding help with possible thyroid problems?

I asked to be tested in August 2013 for thyroid levels after going to a health screening and being told my thyroid kept coming up in every program they ran.My results were TSH - 1.2 (0.3-5.6) and T4 10.9 (7.8-14.4), I was told they were "normal" so i carried on wth life. I had, at that point, only a few of the usual thyroid symtoms for a while....cold extremities, IBS. Since the end of september I have had lots of symtoms develop, including, joint tendency (now shooting pains), periods are seriously affected (only lasting 2 days!!), Depression, anxiety, weak, fatigue, mental sluggishness etc! I visted the doctor again, they would only test for TSH as it was all "normal" 4 months before!!! results were 1.69 (0.35-5.50). they also carried out folate and vit D as well, these were lower than the range. The doctors have told me to take supplements but they cannot help me no further!

I still suffer with all of the above, only some are worse, helping eating and supplements have not made that much difference. Can lack of folate and vit D on its own cause of these symptoms?

If not where do I go from here? Do I order a home blood kit and send it off..then what happens...will doctors listen to your results? Do I attend a clinic for integrated medicine....see how they can help, but they are very expensive! Any recommendations?

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Here is some info. Once upon a time (before the blood tests were introduced) patients clinical symptoms and history were taken into account and given a trial of a thyroid gland hormone. Nowadays, they diagnose only by the TSH and don't take notice of your clinical symptoms.

You will get a surprise when you read the interpretation etc.

You can get private blood tests if GP wont do them and someone will advise the best ones to get.

You can email who has a list of private doctors.

Always get a copy of your blood test results, with the ranges, so that you can post them here if you have a query. Your symptoms do sound hypo.


Many thanks for this information :)


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