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Throat tightening, difficulty swallowing and bloody discharge

Diagnosed auto-immune hypothyroidism in July. On 50mcg levothyroxine, increased from 25mcg 4 weeks ago as TSH increasing from 1.9 to 2.9.

Had tight throat for a while, as if someone squeezing front of throat but never worried too much as I know from this site that many of us get this.

Occasionally I have woken up with bloody, slimy discharge like phlegm which I have to go and spit out. Had it again today and also today having trouble swallowing food. I meant to see my GP this morning but didn't wake until midday and can't go now until Monday.

Just wondered if anyone had had this and did you get a plausible explanation/cause?



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It is possible that you are getting post-nasal drip from the all-too-common nasal congestion which is a feature of hypothyroidism, and possibly either the nose bleeds a little at the same time, or when you try to clear your throat it makes it bleed a little. You could try gargling with salt water first thing in the morning, and a salt water spray in each nostril in the evening which could help.

I suffered for donkey's years when under-treated and it's only now that I am on T3 and close to optimally treated that it is reducing.

I'll guarantee, though, that you will never be told by a GP that it IS connected with low thyroid. Nor is weight gain, high cholesterol, swollen ankles...etc...etc

The swallowing trouble could be caused by a swollen thyroid. As you get closer to the right dose, hopefully it will shrink.

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So to jump in but I can't believe the congestion is from hypo. Happened the day I swung hypo lol but my dr insists its allergies or a cold! Thanks for clearing that up :)


Thanks for this, I know it isn't a lot to put up with in the scheme of things, just curious as to the cause.


It is still yet another thing to cope with - annoying, yes, fatal, no - but debilitating. And you start to lose your sense of smell and taste - that's when it really hits you that life isn't what it was. It can be depressing. Oops - better not mention that word - I sense a GP hiding round the corner with a handy scrpit for anti-d's.


I have this tight throat & I've actually torn my throat before from my goitre. Then I swallowed the blood which instantly made me sick (so more than what you describe) so I think it's just a yucky symptom. It's only happened twice to me in 15 months but poss same thing? :) sorry tmi


You poor thing, I feel for you. A goitre can really cause distressing choking symptoms, I could not wear anything close to my neck for years, it felt as if something was pressing my windpipe back into my throat. Even talking about it now makes me want to heave. For years and years even after having a TT I still had that feeling.

You just let it all hang out there. Just a little remark like that can help someone else to feel less afraid and alone. That what this is all about, isn't it - support, not just advice. If all we do is listen it is still more than some of our families do.

Marie XX


I agree, just knowing someone else has had a symptom helps. I don't have any family support as both my parents and a cousin died of cancer recently and an aunt and my father in law have cancer, terminal.in my aunts case, so anything less than cancer is considered irrelevant .

In addition I have had mobility problems and blackouts/fits for this last 17 years so am pretty used to feeling scrappy, I feel pretty lucky really, even one of our cats has diabetes so I've nothing to complain about. :)


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