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I've just had my bloods back and also my read out say is

Plasma TSH level 3.01mU/L. (0.35-5.5) & my result is ok

But I'm feeling tired all the time & my shoulders & neck ache all the time I have waves of feeling itchey as well I thought perhaps my dosage wasn't enough but the test says I'm ok should I go back & speak to my doctor but will they up my dosage when my bloods say I'm ok

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Some people need a lower TSH than that - email me for info which says this...

Are they really only testing your TSH? You really need at least FT4 as well - ideally FT3 & thyroid antibodies too... If your GP won't do the tests you can get private testing done:

What dose are you on?

Which Levo?

Do you always get the same levo?

Do you take it with water only, at least 30mins-1 hour before eating?

This information will help people to better offer informed support..




Hi Louise thank you for replying I think they are just testing my ths as these were the only results I got back I had a full set done when they first said I had under active thyriod coursed by auto immune my AB was 406 (<60) when I had my first tests I've had two blood tests since which they say we're both fine , but I wasn't told what any of my results were its only since I've found this site that I'm learn about everything I thought the doctors would tell everything but all I was told was to take the tablets & they would check my blood .

I'm on 50mg of levothyroxine once a day I take it first thing in the morning & don't eat for an hour .


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